TJ's Corner

Teej! How was your summer?

Summer is my favorite time of year, so it's been pretty swell! Super busy but good. I love how long the days last and the ability to be outside more makes for a happier TJ.

Ooooooo! Tell us more about your trip!

My trip I got to go on for teaching, called Driven 2 Teach, sponsored by The Miller Family and Zion's Bank was amazing! I'm still processing what I saw and did and it will be something I remember for the rest of my life. I've always a bit of a History nerd but being able to go and see Martin Luther King Jr.'s house and to be able to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma was so cool and impacting. Among all the other amazing things we did. It will make me a better person, which in turn, will make me a better teacher.

It was also super hot and humid! I was wet the entire week, but apparently that's the South in summer time.

Tell us some things you learned while on your City Council journey.

I learned that I want to continue to be involved in Cedar City in a more political way even though I didn't move on past the primaries. It's an intimidating job to be a City Counselor and I have an all new respect for our elected leaders. There is a great group of people trying to make changes in Cedar and that really care about the people of Cedar City. Next time, we need to get more people to vote. Less than 30% of eligible voters voted. That's crazy to me! Especially with something like City Council where the things that go on in that chamber impact you more than almost any other governing body.

If traveling could be done by teleportation, where would you be right now?

A beach somewhere. A different one every night. Just for a couple hours to relax and enjoy.

What would you be doing?

Beach stuff! Haha! Chilling in a comfy chair sipping delicious drinks. Watching the sun sink into the ocean.

If learning could be done Matrix style, what would you have downloaded into your brain today?

I think I like learning too much. I would want to not lose the ability to go through the process of learning something. That's part of the fun and how we are able to interact as human beings. Not to get all old man TJ on everyone and let my inner teacher out, but the process is most of the fun.

But, probably random trivia knowledge just because I love dropping trivia facts on unsuspecting victims.


I guess I kind of answered this question so I will just take it as a separate question, and answer it with....why not?

Awesome. It's a good day to be in TJ's Corner! Can we have a deep thought to end with?

How about a poem I wrote in 5th grade that I got in trouble for.

Sitting in the forest.

Sitting on the grass.

It doesn't make a difference,

You're still sitting on your ass.