Commit Fully


Welcome back to my words! Hello to my people of Cedar City, UT, all the OTC Comedy fans around the world, and Internet surfers. I love you. (But, I'm not IN love with you.)

Today I'm going to talk about rule/tool two that we use here at Off the Cuff. *drumroll* Commit Fully! *gasps* *cheers* I know! I'm excited too!

This one is pretty self explanatory and is, arguably, one of the most important rules for improv and life. If you are going to do something, do it. Give the scene/conversation/job/task/chore/date your full attention and effort. 

When we teach improv to youth, we give examples for the rules. With this rule, one of us will turn to someone else and say, "hey, Insert-Name-Here, your pants are on fire." Name-Inserted-Here will do something like shrug and say a tepid 'ow'. THAT'S RIGHT! Tepid. Then one of us will say, "wow, that was no fun, was it?" Then we remind them to commit fully and tell Here-There-Be-A-Name-Inserted their pants are on fire once again. Suddenly, there is screaming, possible stop-drop-and-roll action, or Name H. McInsertington will shout for water and some of us will throw our water bottles at their legs. The kids go nuts. It's awesome.

And it's true. If you want the audience to stay with you, you've got to give them something to connect with or believe in. You don't have to be a great actor to do that. We all know how to give something our all. We all know how to be in the moment. And, like I've said before, we all know how to be silly.

If you have forgotten how to be silly, please see me in the booth on Friday night. I have some encouraging words for you. If you remember how to be silly, do it 100%! Say it and do it like you mean it in improv and in real life. The kids will go nuts.