Off the Cuff has long used the (somewhat) unfortunately named, footbag, as a warm up game. We would play as a warm up before classes, rehearsals, workshops, and shows. It's a fantastic way to get focused as a group and as an individual. It can also be super silly, which makes it a fun and effective way to get out of your head. 

The third rule, or tool, of improv that we use at OTC Comedy is 'leave your ego at the door'. This tool is gigantically important when it comes to getting out of your head. Stop judging yourself. Don't judge the peeps around you. Be in the moment as an equal with your scene partner(s). (Isn't it awesome that, ONCE AGAIN, an improv tool can be used as a life tool?!?!) Just leave all your ego baggage at the door of wherever you are and be. Do. Live. Play

The silliness of hacky-sack falls right in line with 'leave your ego at the door'. It's a game where one is guaranteed to mess up. But, it's never the end of the world to drop the footbag/kick funny and lose your balance/get distracted by something shiny and miss the bag/realize your foot doesn't turn that way and swear at the universe. It's just a game. You, and the people standing in that circle with you, are all going to make similar mistakes. And it will be okay.

TJ Penrod, co founder of Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation and all around good dude, says, "we play this game because it is a great representation of what is going to happen on stage. We are going to build something together, fail together, and succeed together".

Next time you are at the theatre, you might notice that we sell Off the Cuff footbags. It's an awesome group game. Try it! Get together a group of your besties and build together, fail together, and succeed together. And then, on Friday at 10pm, come laugh together at OTC Comedy!