My favorite actor is Kevin Kline. I think he is brilliant in his subtlety. I just love him. And I wish, EVERY DAY, that Orange County was on TV as much as Shawshank Redemption.

Anyway, favorite actor. We all have one, right? Or actors/actresses that we get really excited about when we see they have a new movie coming out. Or sometimes we dream about Tom Hanks adopting us. Right? Is that just me?

Some of my favorite improvisers are TJ Penrod, Wendy Penrod, and Ryan 'Rev' McLean. I get excited to see them perform, sometimes I follow them to festivals, and sometimes I dream about Tom Hanks adopting them. They are amazing. They are brilliant. They are so quick. I have wit envy.

And I love hearing about them being other people's favorites as well. Last Friday, TJ, Wendy, and Bald Nate were out of town for various reasons. So, Rev put together a team and we had one hell of a dapper show. They wore suits. It was everything.

A friend of ours told me that she missed Wendy cause Wendy is her favorite. She said she liked the show, but she was sad Wendy wasn't there. I love that. It gives my heart parts joy.  

It's awesome to celebrate people. It's the bomb dot com to support people and lift them up. I would support the bejeebus out of Kevin Kline if I knew him. But, I digress.

My friends are talented to the max. And I love that they get an opportunity to share that with our little town every Friday night. I love that Off the Cuff is an outlet for sharing, a space for supporting all kinds of talent, and a community of lifter-uppers and celebrators. 

I'm done gushing. For now.

Do you have a favorite improviser? I would love to hear who. Come tell me! Let's celebrate them together!