Would you like to find out what it means to me? Then sock it to me! Or don't. I'm not really sure what socking it to someone entails. Do you? Please tell me the next time you see me.

It's time for the fourth rule/tool of improv! And like all the rules/tools of improv, this is super helpful and mega important in your day to day life too. 

Let's be honest, I don't even really have to explain this one. Wait. Do I? Do you mean to tell me that there are adult, educated, fully functioning humans that don't know what respect is? Good lord. That's terrifying. What do those sad people even have for breakfast? 

At OTC Comedy Training Center, we teach that respecting your fellow improviser means that you acknowledge the greatness in each other. We respect each other's abilities, we respect our own awesomeness, we respect the space where the improv is happening, and we respect the glorious peeps who came to watch the improv happen. We are all in this together, right? Yes. The answer is yes. We are a team on the stage, we can help each other in life, we can admire each other at work, and we can give due regard to each other on the dance floor.

Okay. I gotta be real with you guys for a second. I'm writing this while very hungry and I have a song stuck in my head that makes me want to bust a move. So, if something in this entry doesn't make sense, please know that I need sustenance and the ability to dance.

Anyway, back to respect. In all aspects of life respect should be a priority. We may not agree with each other, we may not be happy that our scene partner decided we were yodeling orcas, and we may think the guy at work with the red stapler is a crazy person (name that movie)...but guess what? We can still acknowledge and appreciate the opinion of that person, we can still be the best damn yodeling orca in the Pacific, and we can still be nice to the crazy guy so he doesn't set the building on fire while we are there (NAME IT!). 

When you come to the show on Friday/sign up for a class/see us at the store, please know that you are coming to a place/a class/a conversation that is filled to the brim with respect and puns. We love you guys.