Meet Wendy


-Where are you from?

That's a tough question, I've actually moved around quite a bit. I was born in Seattle but also lived in California, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Illinois, and Utah. I've lived in Cedar City the longest, so I guess that I'm from Cedar now!

-Tell us about the favorite place you have lived:

I loved everywhere I have lived for many different reasons, so it is hard to pin point my favorite. I love traveling because of how much I moved around and I believe there are wonderful things about any place you can live. For me, it doesn't much matter where I am as who is around me. 

-What was the first album you owned?

The first album I ever owned was New Kids on The Block Hangin' Tough. Super Cool, I know. 

-What is the first comedy memory that has always stuck with you? (Show, movie, something funny your dad said...HI BOB!)

Both of my parents are very funny and they love comedy and love laughing. While we weren't the perfect family, silliness was always encouraged. I don't remember my first comedy memory but I do remember the first time I made my parents laugh. It's a long story for another time, but I was hooked on comedy after that. 

-What brought you to Cedar City?

I came to Cedar City to go to school at SUU. 

-I'm not going to ask you who your favorite sister is. But, I am going to ask you which sister has your favorite pet. BECAUSE BABY ANIMALS. (And then tell us about your favorite fur baby.)

My sister Emily has a french bull dog named Fang and I love her! She snorts and is very excited and loves people. She's the cutest little dog. 

-Do you remember the day Off the Cuff was born? What stands out the most from that glorious day?

The day Off the Cuff was born? Not really because it didn't happen in one day. I will say that I remember that we used to have marathon meetings that lasted for hours on end. We were so serious at first! Haha!

-You started dating TJ not long before Off the Cuff was born. (You guys were totes #couplesgoals) Can you tell us a bit about how/if improv shaped/informed your #hellacuteness?

I think improv helped us learn how to communicate better and not take anything too seriously. We both love improv and being able to share something you both love so much is pretty awesome. 

-How long was OTC Comedy together before the team went to a festival? Which festival was your first?

We were together for at least five years before we thought about festivals. First we went to Pheonix to see how their festival was run and the first we participated in was iO in LA.

-Back to some fluff! What is your favorite candy?

Stork Chocolate Reisens

-What fashion trend do you wish would come back? 

I've never been way into fashion so I've never paid much attention to it all but Leopard print is always in style. 

-What fashion trend do you wish would be forever burned with hell fire?

Crop tops. I hate them and they only look good on 2% of the population.

-What is your favorite part about teaching classes at the OTC Comedy Training Center?

I love seeing people get excited about improv and surprise themselves with their abilities. Improv is so fun and has had such a positive impact on my life that all I want to do is give that to other people. 

Have more questions for Wendy? Come to the OTC Comedy Training Center Friday nights and say hi before the show! Doors open at 9:30 and show starts at 10:00. See you soon!