Meet Rev


What's your real name?

My real name is Ryan McLean.

How did you become Rev?

I played the Reverend Henry T. Dobson in the musical “Anything Goes” when I was a sophomore in high school. Everyone called me “The Rev” during rehearsals and in classes while the play was in process. After the show closed, people kept calling me that. Eventually the “The” got dropped and it was just “Rev”. There were so many guys named “Ryan” at my school that it became easier to just go by the nickname. When I went to college, I just kept introducing myself that way.

Where are you from?

Murray, Utah

When did you start collecting board games? And do you remember your first purchase?

When did I start collecting them? Probably around my senior year of high school. I had board games before that, but I didn’t start buying them for the sake of having them until then. My first big (read: nerdtastic) purchase was a game called “Duel of Ages”. No one I’ve played games with, to this day, has heard of that game except for me.

What brought you to Cedar City?

I came to Cedar City to attend SUU. OTC is the reason I’m still here.

Who is your favorite comedian? And why?

I would say my favorite comedian is Colin Mochrie because he’s the reason I started doing improv. My first three years of improv were basically just trying to emulate his style of comedy.

Would you rather look like the church lady for the rest of your life or sound like Marge Simpson for the rest of your life?

I feel like with a little more gray hair I’ll already look like the church lady so probably that.

Tell us about joining Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation...

When I came to Cedar City, I knew I wanted to continue playing improv. My friend Clint had told me about this new group that had formed and so I auditioned when I moved to town. I didn’t make the team. After a few weeks of attending their weekly workshops, I was asked to play as a guest player every once in awhile. About a year later I was asked to become a full-time member when one of the current roster had left.

Do you have a favorite comedy album?

Weird Al’s “Running With Scissors”. Or my “Dr. Demento’s Greatest Hits”. Or “Monty Python Sings”.

If the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow, where in town do you want to hide out and why?

Good question. I’d have to say any building that has a second story with ladder access. Step One: Gather supplies and weapons from gas stations (everyone will hit the grocery stores out of instinct). Step Two: Ascend stairs to new forever home. Step Three: Destroy/obstruct stairs permanently. Step Four: Fill up bathtub and sinks with water in case the water shuts off. Step Five: Survive as long as possible, making trips down the ladder to scavenge when necessary.

Rev is at OTC almost every Friday night and can be cornered if you would like to pick apart his zombie strategy or just say “hi”!