Gifts, Choices, & Wants

Friends, Ceder-ans, Countrymen...LEND ME YOUR EYEBALLS! 

As you may have heard, on May 15th at 5 post midday, a new improv class will be starting at OTC Comedy Training Center. *happy dance*

This class will be taught/coached/hosted/led/instructed/illuminated by the wondrous humans named TJ 'Turtle Jones' Penrod and Ryan 'Rev' McLean. 

TJ, can you tell us what the name of this class means? 

“Gifts” are the traits and details we endow each other with onstage in a scene or game. We then make “choices” as to how those gifts will affect us and the nature of the scene. We then use those choices to discover our characters’ “wants” aka the goals we are trying to achieve.

Rev, is there anything non-improvisers need to know before they sign up?

This class is great for students of all experience levels. Whether this is your first class or your tenth, you’ll have a blast!

TJ and Rev, how have you used some of these lessons in life outside of improv?

Understanding how to view our circumstances as gifts, whether positive or negative, allows us to roll with the punches in anything we do. Our lives are defined by the choices we make in regard to these circumstances. Essentially, what we’re saying is that this class parallels life in several ways. Join the class and make your own discoveries!

For more information, please visit the class page on our website here. If you have any further questions for Professor Teej and Professor Rev, feel free to reach out on the Off the Cuff Facebook page, OTC Comedy Instagram or Twitter.