Meet Bald Nate


Where are you from?

I was born in SLC but lived all over. From Nevada to Michigan because of my Dad’s work. I consider Vernal my home town since I lived there longest during my teen+ years.

What brought you to Cedar City?

My girlfriend at the time was moving to St George and I had 2 friends moving to Cedar so it seemed liked the place I was meant to go.

Tell us about finding/joining Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation.

As I mentioned my good friend Ian Durant had moved down before me. He had  gotten on  OTC when they first formed. That summer after they formed I had moved down. Ian told they were holding tryouts. I made call backs but not the final cut but was asked to play that Friday. I had only known them a week and I was so nervous that I couldn’t  feel my hands until after the first game.

How did you meet your wife?

I had know her family in various ways for several years. I even dated her older sister for like 5 seconds in high school. But when I was 23 we started hanging out in a group of mutual friends. I was really into her and wrongly assumed the same. She totally shot me down. Later that week a group of us were supposed to watch a movie at my place. But she was the only that showed up. Rather unexpectedly, she started making out with me. I was confused but waited until the end, obviously, to clarify. She told me that I handled being shot down so well that it made her change her mind. So that’s how much game I’ve got.

Tell us about your favorite nerdy pastime.

Easily comic books. I’ve been collecting since I was 8 and have around 10-20 thousand issues.

What is one comic book you own that you wouldn't care if l stole it?

My one issue of Super Pro. It’s a series about this football player that gets hi tech armor. Like Iron Man but he still looks like a football player but is stronger and tougher. It. Was. Awful.

Where in your house is this comic book located?

In my comic room that we refer to as The Fortress.

What improv tools do you use most in your day to day life? 

Probably 'yes, and'. My father was always very negative in his mind set. So I’ve always tried to not be that way. Some days are more successful than others. but 'yes, and' really helps with that positive mindset.

Do your kids have a favorite improv game?

Catia Rose's, my oldest, is Late for work. Raya‘s is Rant. And Conner’s is 3 Ways to Die.

Have more questions for Bald Nate? Come see him and the rest of the gang on Friday nights at 10pm.