Meet Dave


Where are you from?

I was born in Bethlehem in the county of Nazareth. When I was 2 years old I moved to southern California where I lived until I was 26 years old.

What brought you to Cedar?

I came to Cedar for a new start, to go to school, and to graduate and go back to California. The stars had a different plan for me though.

Tell us about meeting your lovely wife!

I met my beautiful wife in my Acting I class that I took my freshman year. She was an actual freshman and I was a Non-traditional freshman. She asked me out on our first date to an institute dance and the rest is history.

You and Mary are half the founding members! What is something about those initial meetings that has really stuck with you?

What I remember from those initial meetings is how much excitement we had for what we were trying to do. We loved improv and wanted to share that with everyone. I also remember how close we were to each other. It was the start of what now is a huge family.

You love cereal. Tell us the three cereals you can't live without.

This is a tough question as I claim to be a connoisseur of cereal. I believe my top three would have to be S'more's Honey Made, Blueberry Muffintop, and Oh's.

Is there a food you love more than cereal?

If we are talking about the quickness with which the food is prepared and in my mouth for consumption then no, but if time is irrelevant, then steak is always on the list.

What is the rule/tool of improv that you find yourself using most in your life?

Probably the "yes and" rule. I strive to use this both in work and in the home. I find that it brings me joy to help others by yes anding them in whatever it is that they need. 

Tell us about the name Disco Dave...the most perfect nickname in all the land...

Rewind to Acting I class in the year 2000 and 1. This was an epic acting I class which had the likes of Greg Barnett, Brady Voss, Lillian Castillo, Danny James,  Mary West (Armour), and some upperclassman acting students as well such as Wendy Milam Penrod, Lucas Millhouse, and Sarah Loritz. We were playing a game to get to know each other where you said your name and did a sign. I remember spinning in a circle and pointing my fingers at people. The guy next to me, whom we all remember, but I can't remember his name said I looked like a disco dancer. He then called me Disco Dave and the rest is history.

Your oldest child was the first OTC Comedy baby! Does she have a favorite improv memory? Inquiring minds want to know.

Her favorite improv memory is any that involved her being up on stage with the crew. Playing sound effects, getting sung to on her birthday, playing at the birthday shows. 

My (Disco) favorite memory of Emma is when it was our first birthday show and we played the Lion King music and brought her up on stage in an OTC onesie and presented her to the audience. EPIC!

And epic it was! Come see Disco Dave on Friday nights at 10pm at OTC Comedy Training Center. See you soon!