Laugh at Yourself


These guys need to learn how to laugh at themselves.


We need to be better at laughing at/with ourselves/each other. We need to stop taking everything so seriously. If you watch the news right now, the world seems pretty terrible. AND YET! If you pay attention to what is going on around you, you may notice that our lives are full of joy and comedy.

Today at work, I was in a rolling desk chair sitting by a bookshelf. I stretched my leg out in front of me and was tapping my toe on one of the bookshelves. I ended up kicking the shelf in such a way that it fell and dumped a row of books onto my legs and feet. Everyone in the room started laughing. Including me.

Because laughter is so much better than embarrassment. Also, it was funny.

One time, when TJ and Rev were working together, they had an emergency situation at their facility. TJ took a running leap over the couch to get to the emergency, and got his foot caught on his way over...and face planted on the floor. He popped back up like nothing happened and spent the rest of the day trying not to laugh about it (and failing).

How easily could it have been for him to be absolutely mortified? He laughed at himself and Rev laughed at him too.

Have you ever watched Fail videos on YouTube? Watching people fall down is pretty damn funny. So, why wouldn't it be funny when you do it?

When someone pronounces a word funny, accidentally says something suggestive, or walks into something when they aren't paying attention, we laugh. So. Again. Why wouldn't it be funny when you do it?

So here’s what I want you guys to do: Post a comment on this blog with the funniest thing you’ve ever done accidentally! We want to hear your tales of hilarity, and the best one will get a FREE SHOW!

Laugh at the world. Laugh at yourself. It's so much better than embarrassment, shame, and judgement. After all, my friends, it is the best medicine.

You guys are neat! See you at OTC Comedy Training Center TONIGHT at 10pm.