Summer Songwriters

Hey folks! Rev here to give you the lowdown on some exciting events coming up at OTC!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have more than just our Friday shows to entertain you at the OTC Comedy Training Center.

Our friend, George Loosley, has been bringing amazing musical acts to Cedar City for years and we have been fortunate enough to host many of these fantastic performers! Names like Aireene Espiritu, Brad Colerick, Severin Browne, Iain Matthews, Gary Stockdale, and the recent Sofia Talvik have graced our stage with memorable and moving music. If you haven’t attended one of these singer-songwriter concerts yet, you have two opportunities coming up!

First up is Randall Lamb on Saturday, June 29th at 7pm. His bio reads:

Randall Lamb grew up in California, east of Los Angeles, where refugees, transients, Okies, Arkies, Cornhuskers, Mid-westerners, Texans, Mexicans and working stiffs settled between the desert and the dream. This was the end of the rainbow of Route 66, a place of bright sun, dark pasts and dim futures. It was a time when all array of hillbilly, country, folk, rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock and roll were heard in the pre-programmed, pre-Beatle time zone of AM radio, 3 channel television, honkytonks, bars, cheap gas and open roads. This was Randall’s cultural and musical landscape.

Influenced by Cisco Houston, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams and those of the troubadour tradition--not stardom bound, but passing through and maybe bound for glory—Randall writes and performs his own songs. His songs have been recorded by the folk duo of Steve Werner and Fur Dixon. One song, “Can The Rich Get To Heaven?” received an honorable mention at the 2006 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest. “The songs don’t stray far from 3 chords and the truth,” Randall says, "….simple truths and existential blues."

If you’re in the mood for some rustic Americana and folk tradition, Lamb is sure to tickle your fancy!

On Saturday, July 20th at 7pm, George brings us Rick Shea:

Rick Shea cut his teeth in the bars and honky-tonks of San Bernardino where he grew up. He's since gone on to build a solid career for himself as a solo artist, singer, guitarist and songwriter. Shea is equally at home with an acoustic guitar and a set of ballads and stories, or with his worn old Telecaster burning through a set of his own songs and a few honky-tonk standards. With nine critically acclaimed albums he’s performed all over Southern California, the West Coast and across the country.

His songs reflect the folk, country, rock and Mexican influences he grew up with. As a songwriter Shea lets the songs find their own settings. “Starting out you might be hearing a song one way and then when its done realize it’s about something else altogether.”  And on his songwriting influences Shea says, “When I was younger Merle Haggard cast a long shadow, but since then Dave Alvin, Jim Ringer and a lot of other music has found its way in.”

Rick’s latest album Sweet Bernardine, his ninth, is a collection of his own stories and stories of California and beyond. From the train journey he took as a brokenhearted young man in “Mexicali Train” to the harrowing tale of his great grandfather’s time in Civil war prisoner camps in “John Shea from Kenmare”, Shea’s songs resonate deeply.

Another exciting offering for fans of country and folk music!

So I’m gonna break it down for y’all: Cedar City can seem like a small town. We definitely have dry spells when very little is happening. BUT, awesome things are frequently happening if you know where to look! Check out just ONE of George’s concerts to see what I mean.

You can purchase tickets in advance here! Support live music in Cedar City!

I’ll see YOU (the Audience) later! Rev OUT.