Randoms, Facts, and WENDY

I know that sometimes you are sitting around, watching cat videos, and you wonder what the people of OTC Comedy Improvisation are up to.

Well. Never fear! Leah is here to give you the 411. (That's fancy talk for info. Don't believe me? Watch the remake of Parent Trap.)

This summer has been filled with adventure for Off the Cuff peeps.

TJ Penrod befriended a peacock while touring the Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. (Learning!)

Rev McLean got a new washer and dryer. (Adulting!)

Disco Dave Armour hung out with Pitbull in Vegas. (Rapping!)

Bald Nate MacLee started building an army with broken appliances in his garage. He won't say why. (Plotting!)

Leah Wuergler bought a pair of Star Wars shoes. (Nerding!)

AND, most importantly, Wendy Penrod is starring in a play over at Simon Fest! (Acting!)

WHAT! You can see Wendy in the play "I Left My Dignity in My Other Purse" right here in Cedar City. You can find more info here.

As many of you know, Wendy is a damn good actress and a damn good human. Do not miss a chance to see her perform AND support the arts.

Also, Wendy and TJ are going to a family reunion this weekend. Let's all tag them in Insta videos doing our best impression of WENDY'S SOCIAL MEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA (sound effects included).