V Is For Voting!

Did you guys know that our own TJ Penrod is running for Cedar City Council? We are all stupid excited for him. You can find more information about his campaign here. He also has a Facebook page here.

Do you guys remember the Rock the Vote campaign that MTV did? Maybe they still do it. I hope they do. It was such an important and awesome thing. I'm thinking of starting a campaign called 'Prov the Vote. Because the tools of improv can totally be used to talk about the importance of voting and staying in the know about your community/state/country/politics/government.

Do you want to vote? Yes, AND I want to help my peeps learn more about voting.

Are you going to vote? I shall commit fully to this activity.

How are you going to vote? I'm going to leave my ego at the door and have confidence in my opinions while understanding that my opinions are going to be different from various people around me.

Why should you vote? Because it's important! I respect your right to your opinion and I want all of our voices to be heard.

See? The tools of improv with voting! Can you dig it?

If you have any questions for TJ, come talk to him at the show! If you would like to find more information about donations and volunteering for TJ, click here. If you have more ideas about how I can improve 'Prov the Vote, come see me in the booth!