The Great Guest-by

This quote has been on my mind:

"I was never in an improv group. But when I went to school, we would do it all day long with friends, not knowing what it was called." - Christopher Guest

Perhaps it is flat out nerdiness on my part, but that sounds magical to me. It brings to mind inside jokes, night games, and getting kicked out of class because you and your friend can't even make eye contact without laughing hysterically.

I asked Rev about the quote and he said, "'s a really great quote that describes why anyone can do improv. We all played pretend when we were kids, and improv is just taking that same energy and putting it onstage."

Yes! The energy of pretend. The energy created by a group of people that support each other and laugh with each other. I love it.

Christopher Guest's quote makes me think about all the different friend groups I've been in over my life. My family moved every two years (give or take), so I have a lot of great memories with a lot of different peeps. And the quote makes me look at those different peeps as improv groups. Like Rev said, we all played pretend. Jokes for days!

You guys. I'm stupid glad my friends and I still play pretend.