Nate's Corner

Bald Nate! How was your summer?

-It was generally good. It was fairly busy and went by way too quickly.

Are your kids excited to be back in school?

- My girls are. One is starting a new school and the other is just feeling more confident. My son, however, is not excited at all.

Are you excited that your kids are back in school?

- Eh, I’m indifferent. I always enjoy my time with them. I have shows I watch with each of them. But they’ll be at school when I work so not much lost time there.

Hey, Nate of the Bald. I've heard tell that you have a hobby that involves fighting. What's that called?

- It’s called hard suit fighting and I do it as part of organization called the SCA. It’s armored combat. Generally medieval style. There’s no fantastical elements so the armor is just there to keep ya from getting injured.

When did you start this hobby? And how did you get started?

-Well, I was cripplingly shy in high school with pretty low self-worth. And being smaller I didn’t really excel at sports until I found fighting. It was something that I was good at and did well. My cousins had friends that did it and I found it through them.

When is your next event?

-It’s a national thing so every month there’s events going on somewhere and we have practice most Saturdays. But the next big event my group is going to is at the end of September.

Thanks, Bald Nate!