Betrayal of Memories

Sometimes, we should not revisit things we loved in our childhood. It is often not the same as we remember. 

First of all, we are spoiled with technology now. It taints our vision of puppeteering and obvious green screens. 

Second of all, sometimes we remember a different punchline altogether! 

Allow me to share an example. Take a walk down memory lane with Leah.

I used to watch Sesame Street in the morning before school. I'm not even a smidgen ashamed to admit that I watched it well into my teen years. Hell, in junior high, my dad watched it with me while he made breakfast. (Learning is forever and learning is for everyone.)

SIDE NOTE: I don't know why I'm defending Sesame Street like you're going to come at me. Nobody hates Sesame Street. Right? RIGHT?!? Do you know someone that doesn't like it? Who are they? Where are they? I have questions.

One of my favorite memories, and one of the funniest things I remember seeing, was Bert and Ernie fishing. Holy McEnroe, I can't even think about it without snort laughing. I mean, it's Bert and Ernie, so that is goodness in and of itself. I don't know why it's hilarious to watch Bert be super high strung and Ernie be sweetly oblivious. But it works. It works so hard.

In this sketch, they are sitting in a fishing boat, Ernie has a fishing hat on, and only Bert is holding a fishing pole. Ernie tells Bert that he doesn't need a pole, he calls to the fish.

Jeebus H. I need to take a break from typing to giggle. You can watch it here

Okay. I have regulated my breathing. Here's why I shouldn't have revisited:

I remember a different punchline. And I have long loved and cherished the version in my head. Don't get me wrong, the sketch is still funny. It's just different. And, now, adult Leah is left wondering if she misremembers, if her brain is mixing two sketches together, or if lower case leah reinvented the sketch with a punchline she preferred. 

Alas, we may never know. But, you CAN know how I remember the sketch ending. Come find me in the booth before the show!