If ye be knowin' the Leah at all, ye be well aware o' her love o' pirates.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about my love for Kevin Kline. He is my favorite. I'm getting a smidge emotional just thinking about it.

Anywho, Mr. Kline started my obsession with pirates when I was quite young. He played the Pirate King in a movie called "The Pirates of Penzance". I don't remember what year I saw it. It came out when I was five, but I bet I watched it around age eleven or twelve.

Okay, maybe my obsession with pirates was really (initially) an obsession with Kevin Kline. But, combine that movie and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, and I was a bit done for...

I even came up with a name! Well, the beginnings of an idea for a name...

And then, in college, I met a wonderful lass named Tiffani Mills (Off the Cuff stans will remember her clearly and dearly!) She moved in with Wendy and I just a month after the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie came out. Man, that was a fun house. But, those are fantastical tales for another time.

Tiffani had/has a pirate alter ego named Captain Typhoon. She had a character, ships and crew, and a lore around her name. I was amazed. How awesome! Wouldn't it be fun if we went to "war"????

And so we did. I solidified my idea for a name (I'm Captain Shakes McGee, in case ye be wonderin') and we created a story around our relationship on and off the high seas. So much fun. So many good memories. I even wrote an 'origin' story. If you are ever bored out of your gourd, you can read it here.

Why am I blabberin' all this blarney at ye? I tell ye true, me hearties, because the 19th day of September be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. AND, by the grace of the stars, that selfsame day be the first day of the 10th Red Rocks Improv Festival. Two first-rate happenings on the same day! Ye must pull yer best knickers on and get ta Cedar City! Ye won't rue it.

And, if'n ye be around on the 19th, shout ahoy in me direction. Shakes McGee out!