In the News (A Rant)

Hello, Peeps. Leah here. Allow me a moment to rant about a woman named Lara Spencer.

First, let me say that I know the news is full of these days. I could rant about a hundred different things going on right this moment. But, I'm hopping mad at the above mentioned woman and her co hosts at 'GMA'.

I'm sure you've heard or read about her laughing at Prince George for being in a ballet class. I will note that she has since apologized, but I don't believe it. It was a natural reaction for her and her desk mates to laugh about a boy in a dance class. I don't care that he is the future king of England. I don't care that ballet is part of his school curriculum. In the end, he is a boy in a dance class, and there is NOT A DAMN THING WRONG WITH THAT.

Your gender does NOT determine your worth, your ability, or your extra curricular interests. You can be and do whatever you wish. Dream big, go big, do big!

What Ms. Spencer did on that morning show was bullying. Plain and simple. And, even if she didn't mean it that way (blah, blah, blah), she used her position of influence to open the door to other bullies. Any form of hate or derision broadcast-ed from people in power is unacceptable in my mind. Your hateful opinion does not matter.


Am I ranting at a wall?

Actually, with our readers, I hope I'm ranting in an echo chamber. But, I want to be a voice for good and change. So, I want my echo chamber to help me.

Tell your people (any people!) they can be whatever they want. Dancing is a form of art and art IS FOR EVERYONE. Ballet teaches grace, team work, structure, discipline, collaboration, creativity, listening, respect, agility, strength, balance of mind and body, and poise. And that is just a fraction of what a person could learn. And ALL OF THAT IS FOR EVERYONE. Learning is for everyone. Expression is for everyone. ART IS FOR EVERYONE.

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU LOVE, OR WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Do it. And tell everyone else the same.

And, Lara Spencer. Be better. Do better.

This is not the end of my rant. I will rant until the sky falls about the importance of art, equality, and love. This is just the end of this blog rant. *hugs*