Our Team

Trained by some of the greatest names in improv comedy, Off the Cuff seeks to delight and entertain your funny bone with their hilarious, notorious, and uproarious brand of performance styles.


TJ Penrod

TJ is the booking manager and education director of OTC Comedy and helped to found OTC in Cedar City. He has his degree in acting and directing from Southern Utah University and has studied improv with some of the best the business has to offer. He is a member of the international touring group Pawn Takes Queen and a part of Tapestry, a 4 person improv group that does festivals. You can find TJ enjoying the outdoors in his free time.


Wendy Penrod

Wendy is a founding member of OTC Comedy and the current Artistic Director. She has been studying and performing improvisational theatre for over 15 years. She is also a member of Pawn Takes Queen and has performed internationally. Wendy co-founded both the Red Rocks Improv Festival and Ye Olde Improv Competition. She is currently one of OTC Comedy's instructors and has taught improv to people of all ages for over 10 years.


Leah Wuergler

Leah Wuergler is the Front of House Manager and Technical Director for OTC Comedy. Leah started with Off the Cuff in late 2004 as Stage Manager and TD. She left Cedar in 2006 and moved around the country and saw some of the world. (Adventure!)

After teaching English in China for 2 years, Leah spent a year in California before returning to Cedar in 2015 and JOYOUSLY returning to OTC Comedy. Leah has been a student of improv for 15 years, loves cheese, and wants to hug all the puppies. She doesn't understand why people like long walks on the beach because it is really hard to walk on sand, but she does love candlelight dinners. (Single!)


Rev McLean

Rev is an actor/director/improviser from Cedar City, Utah. He began improvising in the 9th grade as a short form performer through high school and into his undergraduate at Southern Utah University, where he became a regular cast member of Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation. He now acts as the marketing manager and instructor in addition to his role as performer.