About OTC

Trained by some of the greatest names in improv comedy, Off the Cuff seeks to delight and entertain your funny bone with their hilarious, notorious, and uproarious brand of performance styles.

Since 2004 our number one mission has been to educate in the field of improvisation, theatre, and just being your self onstage to achieve greatness. If you have not seen one of our shows yet, you should check it out on any Friday night at 10pm at the OTC Comedy Training Center, located at 913 S. Main in Cedar City, in the same shopping center as IFA and Dollar Tree. We'll see you there


Weekly Shows



Off the Cuff offers classes for improvisers at all skill levels.

Upcoming Classes



Students will gain an understanding of stage direction, stage pictures, hosting, projecting, and show structure.

Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm | $50 per session
Dates: October 9 - November 6 | Performance on Nov. 8th @ 7pm


Other Class Offerings:


Improv 101

The Basics. This course will cover the foundational principles of improv and how to apply them to your performance.


Improv 102: Confidence Building

*No Prerequisites Required*

This course will help students feel more comfortable on stage by encouraging them to trust their instincts, follow their fears, and believe in themselves.


Improv 103: Listening and Reacting

*No Prerequisites Required

This course is about being present on stage and supporting your partner. You will learn listening skills and the art of being in the moment.


Improv 104: Point of View

No Prerequisites Required*

Who are you? Students will learn how to create three dimensional characters that know what they want and how they can get it.


Games 101

This course will teach the games that OTC uses in their Friday show.


Improv 201: Relationships

*No Prerequisites Required*

Who are we to each other? Students will focus on establishing defined relationships between characters and how the connection will inform the action and direction of the scene.


Improv 202: Emotion

*No Prerequisites Required*

How do you feel? This course will enable students to create rich scenes through bold, palpable, emotional choices.


Improv 203: The World of the Scene

*No Prerequisites Required

Where are we? This course will explore environment and equip students with tools to create realistic, playful worlds.


Improv 204: Gifts, Choices, and Wants

*No Prerequisites Required*

What do I say next? This course will teach students how to navigate any scene by focusing on their partner and making deliberate moves.



All about you! Students will work with the instructor on identifying their strengths and targeting improvement points in their improvisation.


Drop-In Classes

Bite-sized workshops for all ages! Do you want to give improv a try and see if it's for you? Maybe you've done improv before and want to brush up on your skills? For any reason, these classes are for you!


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Special Events

OTC hosts numerous special events throughout the year, including holiday shows, concerts, and theatrical performances.

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Ye OLDE Improv Competition

The 10th Annual Ye Olde Improv Competition, in conjunction with the USF High School Shakespeare Competition, is an improvisational theatre competition consisting of all styles of improv.


Holiday Shows

One of OTC's most popular events annually is our Halloween show. This show includes zombie dancing, a costume contest, and other Halloween festivities.

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Off the Cuff plays host to several concerts throughout the year. Past performers have included Plainsong featuring Ian Matthews, the Cedar Jazz Dectet, Sofia Talvik and numerous others.